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In English — About the Swedish Media Council

Senast uppdaterad: 2018-10-08

Händer på ett tangentbord på en bärbar dator. Foto: Stocksnap cc-licens: Start up Stock Photos

Stocksnap cc-licens: Start up Stock Photos

The Swedish Media Council is a government agency whose primary task is to promote the empowering of minors as conscious media users and to protect them from harmful media influences.

The Media Council gathers relevant research and disseminates information on media development, media effects and media use regarding children and young people.

The Council also classifies films for public screening. The ratings reflect whether the films are liable to harm the well-being of children. The age ratings are "all ages", 7, 11 and "not rated", the latter resulting in a 15 rating.

The staff consists of 18 employees: project managers, research and communication officers, film classifiers as well as technical and administrative staff. The staff is headed by Director Anette Novak, also a film classifier.

Reaching the target groups

Children and young people are the ultimate target group, but parents, educators, social workers, media and Internet industry as well as policy makers are also important target audiences and stakeholders for the agency.

Educational materials and publications

The Council produces information and pedagogical material to be used by parents, educators and people who meet children and young people in their profession. The Media Council also publishes reports and other material on developments in the media, media effects and the media situation of children and young people. The Council also monitors research in its field.

The website of the Swedish Media Council is an important platform for the dissemination of awareness tools and knowledge. All resources can be ordered or downloaded free of charge from the website.

Publications in English

> You find a complete list of the publications available in English here.